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Lloyd’s Register joins the 3R Initiative as Corporate Steering Committee Member

We are thrilled to announce that Lloyd’s Register (LR), a food safety auditing company, has joined the 3R Initiative to help develop new market-based solutions, designed to tackle the global issue of plastic waste.

Through their work in the food sector, Lloyd’s Register brings valuable knowledge and technical expertise around the development and implementation of global standards. The company will help the 3RI ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are met, with positive outcomes of a reduced plastic burden on the planet.

Stuart Kelly, Global Head of Commercial, Customised Assurance at LR said: “LR has a clear mission to make the world a safer place and we’ve got to work together to tackle a problem of this magnitude. However, we also need to consider the impact any activities could have on the way people live and work locally. The 3R Initiative is committed to developing viable solutions which not only tackle the issue of plastic waste itself, but also recognise the need to protect people and their livelihoods as much as possible”.

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Smith Joel
Smith Joel
Mar 07

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