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What's next for the 3R Initiative?

In July 2021, the 3R initiative celebrated our third birthday. We went from an idea to a fully functioning market-based approach to help tackle plastic pollution.

Our three major products are now all progressing in different directions.

These outcomes have been successful due to the collaboration between 3R Initiative members and our stakeholders. The first phase of the Initiative has reached its end, but the transformation of how we avoid plastic waste will continue!


How do Plastic Credits work?

Check out our myth-busting explainer video about the concept of plastic credits.

Plastic crediting is an innovative financial tool that drives investment into plastic waste collection systems and new recycling ventures. Companies can compensate for the plastic pollution they cannot yet prevent by investing in projects that generate Plastic Credits. Transparent reporting, monitoring and independent auditing of waste management and recycling systems ensure that investment goes to credible and additional activities that improve the status quo. Watch our video to find out how plastic credits can drive investments towards a circular economy and support infrastructure, social, and environmental improvements throughout the value chain.


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Smith Joel
Feb 23

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