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3R Initiative highlighted by Tetra Pak

One of our Founding Corporate Members - Tetra Pak highlighted the 3RI as one of their main global initiatives that promote and drive packaging recycling and circularity.

Original post: Tetra Pak website

Partnerships and Industry Initiatives

We take a value chain approach to recycling. This means working on everything from consumer awareness, and collection and sorting​ infrastructure, through to expanding market opportunities​ for recycled materials. Partnering and connecting stakeholders are critical to building sustainable recycling value chains, that is why we have an open approach to partnership and collaborate, and associate with a wide range of local and global stakeholders, working with customers to secure the expansion of the packaging collection infrastructure, and to explore how to improve recycling by lowering transformation cost and/or improving the value of recycled materials from our carton packages. ​

Platforms and industry initiatives all over the world:

We support different Packaging recovery organisations, Multi-stakeholder alliances or initiatives, Beverage Cartons Associations and Recycling solutions – product, equipment and technology development cooperation, for the expansion of the collection of all recyclable packaging, as a result of our efforts to increase recycling rates in all the markets where our business operates. We actively collaborate with recyclers, companies recycling used beverage cartons range from family-owned small entrepreneurs to multinational companies. Beverage cartons are currently being recycled in more than 70 countries worldwide with a range of collection and recycling solutions reflecting the maturity of the individual market. Since 2010, we have increased the number of facilities that recycle beverage cartons that we work with from 40 to more than 170. The map shows the breadth and variety of the many businesses recycling the materials of post-consumer cartons.

We have learned that working in partnership with others is essential to making recycling value chains work. We are members of various associations and industry initiatives that promote and drive packaging recycling and circularity. We are often involved as founders and board members, helping set and deliver the strategy.

The 3R Initiative, is a platform to catalyse zero plastic waste leadership. This initiative is developing a market-based approach that will scale up recovery and recycling activities and increase accountability for plastic waste ​around the world. The 3RI's flexible mechanism, underpinned by robust standards, will transparently and sustainably increase the value of plastic waste and beverage carton waste, and incentivize new activities that support the circular economy.  We aim to ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency in the transition to a circular economy, by leveraging our collective experience, expertise, and innovation to provide solutions by tackling waste globally. We, as members of 3RI, have committed to jointly develop, test and implement three effective mechanisms to help close the loop for waste.

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